Honda Cr-v Vs Acura Rdx

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Hi Guys I too am looking at upgrading my 2007 CRV EXL. I have done 180k no breakdown. Top quality. But the problem is that my CRV is a bit too light and when it is windy during the winter, it gets minutely lifted and is very likely to skid. My wife had a Odyssey which even without a AWD, was more stable during the snow season. So she updated to a new Lexus 350 RX. But we found that the Lexus is real old technology. No Engine maintenance system. Oil change every 5 years unlike the smarter CRV. So Lexus is out for me. I am thinking of Honda Pilot (heavier) or an Acura. What do you guys think? I know the mileage for Pilot and Acura will be bad. I used to travel 25-30k miles per year now it is more like 15-20k miles so a bit more mileage is fine. We are just 2 people in our mid 50 with no kids at home. We do not need big size, but I do need a heavier and safer vehicle for winter. Any suggestions? Pilot, Lexus, Acura or something different?Read more...
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