Acura Nsx Specs

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With its direct-injected and twin-turbocharged 3.7 liters V6 engine and hybrid electric motors. The unique engine, along with main electric motor will primarily drive the rear wheels, via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, with two supplementary electric motors powering the front axle. Honda dubs the torque vectoring system SH-AWD, short for Super Handling All Wheel Drive. That means, the AWD drive system will actually assist in with not just handling, but steering by sending continuously variable amounts of positive or negative torque to the rear wheels during hard cornering, which Acura describes as an “on the rails cornering” experience.Read more...

Acura NSX

2005 Acura NSX Exterior Front Left Side View

Acura NSX Specifications

  Acura NSX
Year 1991 - 2015
Body Coupe, Two Seaters
Engine Type V-6
CC 3L - 3.5L
Power 226 PS - 487 PS
Power 5600 RPM - 8250 RPM
Torque 284 NM - 542 NM
Torque 5300 RPM - 5500 RPM
Fuel Gasoline, Premium Unleaded (Required)
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Rear
Transmission type Automatic, Manual
Seats 1, 2
Doors 2
Estimated MPG City 13.8 - 14.0 city
HWY 9.8 - 10.0 hwy
Mixed 11.8 - 11.9 mixed
  • 2dr Coupe AWD (3.5L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid 7A)
  • 3.0
  • 3.2
  • Arta Autobacs Aguri
  • GT
  • Loctite Dome Project
  • Raybrig
  • T
  • T Twin Turbo Limited
2015 Acura NSX Side
Year: 2015
Model: Acura NSX
Acura NSX Back
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX

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Acura NSX

2015 Acura NSX Wheel
Year: 2015
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX
Model: Acura NSX

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