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Your vehicle takes a sharp turn and unfortunately, your vehicle cannot handle it and the backside of your vehicle slides and fishtails out of control. Add a set of RSX coilovers to help stabilize your vehicle so that you can take turns quickly and sharply without any type of worry. RSX coilovers are a great addition to any vehicle and each one sits over top of a shock absorber. There is a large selection of RSX coilovers available for you to purchase on eBay. You can choose a wide variety of colors to match your vehicle or your style. Each of the coilovers helps lower your vehicle up to three inches in the front and rear. The coilovers are made from a strong steel material for durability and strength. Each coilover has a threaded sleeve over top of it and you can easily adjust the tightness of the suspension through this threaded sleeve. Stop riding around with an unstable suspension and pick out the perfect set of coilovers for your vehicle today. You can soon enjoy a better and sportier ride.Read more...
At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Acura Rsx coilovers to ensure that you have every coilover kit option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Acura Rsx coilovers, so that whether you are looking for a Tein Acura Rsx coilovers suspension kit or KW coilovers or Megan coilovers or anything in between, we've got it for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Acura Rsx coilover kit needs!Read more...
BC Racing Coilovers Acura RSX & Type S (2002-2006) A-07 Includes Front Camber Kit - 30 levels of dampening adjustable The ultimate street coilover! BC Racing has been known amongst performance enthusiasts to manufacture one of the best coilovers on the market. There is almost no equal to the level of performance, adjustability and ride quality you receive from BC Racing Coilovers. BC Racing makes it easy to replace your factory suspension with a full performance..Read more...
If you want a decent ride, a mild set of lowering springs and decent shocks will get the job done (example: Koni shocks and Tein S_tech springs). Unfortunately on the DC5, the lower you go, the worse the ride will be. On the older DC2 you could get away with a decent ride and semi-slammed car, but due to the suspension design on the DC5 there is no way for this to happen. If you are riding on coilovers, then raise the car up and lower the shock settings.Read more...
The Progress Series I coil-over kits are the perfect balance for the performance minded enthusiast looking to make huge improvements in handling and appearance where quality, durability, and proven track performance is of the utmost value. The aggressive tuning is ideal for superior street performance. Our exclusive take-apart dampers are tunable and rebuild-able; in addition, the threaded steel bodies are plated with attractive corrosion-resistant electroless nickel.Read more...
Thank you for visiting Top Gear Solutions! We specialize in Aftermarket Performance Part Upgrades for BMW 135i, 335i, Subaru BRZ, Subaru WRX / STI, Mitsubishi Evo and more! We have the largest selection of BMW 335i Performance Parts for the BMW E90 / E92 Chassis. If you are looking for Performance Parts for the BMW 335i, 135i, N54 or N55 E90, E92 or E82, we have them! We also have the best prices for BMW 135i / 335i Parts!Read more...
KW Variant 1 Coilovers: The KW Variant 1 Coilover System is the ideal system for customers wishing to rely on the experience of our engineers for dampening yet determine their own degree of lowering. In extensive driving tests our engineers have set the dampers for the best balance between sporty driving, comfort and safety. *Features* * Optimally adjusted, sporty and comfortable dampening technology * Inox-line stainless steel technology at no extra charge * Individually height adjustable * German TUEV-tested lowering range * High-quality components for long life * Comprehensive documentation for ease of useRead more...
If you are looking for one of the BEST entry level coilover kits you need look no further than KW Suspension. These kits provide the best possible solution for those of you that want to set your own ride height yet still leave the damper setting to the KW engineers who have decades of combined experience dialing suspensions on some of the worlds fastest cars. In extensive driving tests KW engineers have set the dampers for the best balance between sporty driving, comfort and safety. The user is then free to decide the best height setting for their use and preference. Features:Read more...
These Series I coil-over kits are the perfect balance for the performance minded enthusiast looking to make huge improvements in handling and appearance where quality, durability, and proven track performance is of the utmost value. The aggressive tuning is ideal for superior street performance. Our exclusive take-apart dampers are tunable and rebuild-able; in addition, the threaded steel bodies are plated with attractive electroless nickel.Read more...
BC Racing BR Type Coilover for 02-06 Acura RSX DC5 BC Racing BR Type Coilover is perfect for street driving and occasional road course duty. With easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine tuning your compression/rebound and separately adjustable ride height, having a performance coilover system couldn't be any easier. You choose how low or high you want your vehicle, no preset ride height here, and our patented concave lower locking ring keeps it locked in. All of our systems come with pillowball mounts...Read more...
TEIN is proud to announce the mono-tube coilover kit that replaces their high performance MONO FLEX coilover lineup called the MONO SPORT. The MONO SPORT features the unique qualities of the MONO FLEX, but also improves overall durability, reliability, consistency, performance, and overall valving quality. The RSX Type-S (DC5) specific model uses the following spring rates: 12kg/mm Front 14kg/mm Rear Specifications Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature …… Ride Height Adjustment with Little or No Change in Ride Quality Mono-Tube Structure …… Mono-Tube System to Robustly Convey the Information from Road Surface Damping Force Adjustment System …… 16-level Linear Damping Force Adjustment System Complete Kit with Upper Mount …… Exclusively Designed Upper Mounts are Included (Except Some Models) 1-Full-Car-Kit …… Complete Suspension Kit of 4 Shock Absorbers & 4 Springs 1. Well-Thought Settings to Meet Different Needs for Different Vehicle Models! 2. Mono-Tube Structure to Deliver Rich Information from Road Surface! 3. Full-Length System for Ride Height Adjustment w/ Minimal Change in Ride! 4. Newly-Designed Upright Strong Tube for Strut Type Suspensions! 5. 16-level Damping Force Adjustment + ADVANCE M.S.V.! 6. Compatible with EDFC Series to enable In-Car Damping Force Adjustment! 7. Upper Mounts Included for Easy Installation! 8. Highly Durable & Reliable! 9. Thoroughgoing Rust-Proofing! 10. Highly-Rigid Bracket & Shell Case! 11. Smooth Ride Height Adjustment & One-of-A-Kind Adjusting Wrench! 12. No-Sag Springs! 13. High-Spec Damper Oil! 14. Available for Overhaul & Revalving!Read more...
Blackworks Coilovers are also known as BWR Coilovers, and offer you the benefits of having a coilover kit that not only has a good ride, but also dramatically increases handling, grip, and stability. Unlike other coilovers, the Blackworks are height adjustable without changing the spring compression or sacrificing the shock stroke. On other kits you would need to literally squeeze the spring together to lower the car, which results in odd handling, noise, and a suspension that doesn't handle like it should. Blackworks coilover give you the ability to turn the whole shock body in or out to literally expand or compress the shock body, giving your car a lowered stance without sacrificing ride quality.Read more...
Our most recommended coil-over set! These Function and Form Type II coil-overs are direct replacements for the factory coil-over system. F2 coil-overs will improve the vehicles cornering ability as well as overall handling all without sacrificing ride quality! Type II coil-overs include a major upgrade over the previous model of Type I. The 02-06 RSX coil-over set comes with pillowball mounts and will work on both Base and Type-S models. Function and Form Company Description: Function and Form Autolife Inc. is more then just a company name. It is a philosophy and an approach we take in building our branch and the products we create. Our first mission was to create suspension components for many of the world's most popular and exciting automobiles. We approached the industry with a Function and Form philosophy by choosing both as a perfect balance, and not one over the other. We believe you can perform well on the track and look great doing it. There can be style and grace in unison with success. We work everyday to bring functional products that put a smile on our customer's faces when used for their purpose, and also give them the confidence in the appearance department. Add innovative customer service, customer appreciation, and our approach to the automotive industry, and you have a company that aspires to make a positive impact to the forefront of the world. 2002-2006 Acura RSX Type II Coilover Description: The current Type II Coil-over models are modified and retooled from the previous versions. The new and improved Type-II coil-overs are complete coil-overs with a fully threaded shock body. Through extensive research and development, Function and Form has enhanced an already largely successful product to a complete coil-over system that any car enthusiast will find irreplaceable.Read more...
The BC Racing Type-BR coilover is the perfect setup for daily use and light road racing. These coilovers will allow you to fine tune compression and rebound separately from height with 30 levels of dampening. Height is fully adjustable due to the fully threaded cartridge piston design. If you don't like the standard spring rates, we can upgrade the springs rates at no additional cost. Just specify in the note section. (Must be within +/- 4k difference) Swift Spring Upgrade: Please note spring rate upon checking out. Allow 1 week to build. (Must be within +/- 4k difference)Read more...
The N1 Evolution is the newest generation of our track engineered flag ship N1 suspension. All N1 dampers feature large piston, monotube design using a threaded base for height adjustments without compromising shock or spring travel. Every year, we gather incredible amounts of suspension data from our direct involvement in many different racing series. This specialized data goes directly into our sports parts development to provide the customer with the same cutting edge suspension technology we use on all of our race vehicles. The STREET version of the N1 Evolution focuses on the hardcore enthusiast that craves for the curves of the race track, but still requires a comfortable, "streetable" ride for the drive home. Internal valving settings have been extensively researched and tested to achieve the perfect balance between street and track. The N1 Evolution STREET is one of the most versatile coilovers systems we have produced to date. All components are made using the highest quality standards for maximum durability on all kinds of road conditions.Read more...
Skunk2 Pro-S II Coilovers feature vehicle-specific valving dialed in by Skunk2Read more...
The Street Basis coilovers are the next version of the popular Tein Basic coilover, engineered to deliver a sporty ride and menacing stance. The shortened shock case offers best damper stroke when Acura RSX 02-06 is lowered mode than the stock ride height. ZT coated threaded sleeves allow to adjust the ride height. Internal components have been updated to increase durability and life of the coilovers. Street Basis coilovers are best for everyday and spirited driving. Tein coilovers have been designed by highly trained suspension engineers and made under strict quality control standards in Japan.Read more...
Our newest and most advanced model yet is the ER series coilover. It features large external reservoirs front and rear, separate rebound and compression adjustment and a twin piston design. The external reservoirs hold much more oil than the conventional coilover, allowing the coilover to operate for a much longer period of time before overheating. The external reservoirs also house the secondary piston, which allows for the adjustment of compression. This is the perfect coilover system for the person who wants to fine tune there setup using the separate, 30-way, rebound and compression tuning dials. - Dual Piston design (1 in res., 1 in shock) Features: - Full height adjustability through shock body not spring - 30 levels of dampening adjustment Rebound is on top of the shock, compression is on the reservoir - Adjustable rear camber plates on certain applications only - 1 Year warranty against manufacturer defectRead more...
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Progress Coilovers/BBS RYII's/P1 Lip. Some video that will change your opinion about the true power of Japanese cars. Cars with steering wheel on the right are assembled in the U.S. but still we Rsx3. rear rsx bbs lm rsx message board bbs mugen reverse rsx bbs lm acura rsx bbs lm replica rsx. acura integra body kits acura integra acura integra type r turbo acura integra performance acura integra for sale. was on the way home from work and a type S flew around me and took off, came up on him and he didn't want to play During the month of October, for every vehicle sold, Superior Honda and Acura of Omaha will donate $50 to Project Pink'd. Helping Local Breast Cancer Survivo show moreRead more...
Enjuku Racing, has been established for over ten years and growing strong. We began specializing with the Nissan 240SX vehicle and SR20DET performance. Known around the United States and even other parts of the world as one of the premier tuning shops for S-Chassis performance, we have recently opened our doors wider and have begun to specialize more in general Nissan performance as well as other vehicles.Read more...
Skunk2 Racing Adjustable Coilover Sleeve Kit for the 2002-2004 Acura RSX Skunk2 Racing Adjustable Coilover Sleeve Kits for the 2002-2004 Acura RSX are designed to provide an affordable yet aggressive system that allows you to tune the balance and handling performance of your car by adjusting its ride height. Skunk2 Racing Adjustable Coilover Sleeve Kits features hard anodized CNC-machined aluminum sleeves, forged spring perches, SAE 9254V racing springs, and mounting hardware that allows up to a 3-inch drop. Upgrade your Acura RSX with Skunk2 Lowering Springs and gain the adjustability of more expensive coilover suspension and ability to set your suspension for street driving or track sessions. Designed to be used with stock or aftermarket shocks, Skunk2 Adjustable Coilovers enable you to upgrade your shocks and springs in separate stages. When applicable, the use of Skunk2 Racing Adjustable Coilover Sleeve Kits with other Skunk2 suspension components is recommend for best performance such asRead more...
Redefining Bespoke Suspension Systems: Fortune Auto engineers were tasked with a focused goal to make the Generation 5 - 500 series dampers the best single adjustable system on the market at a very affordable price point. All systems are completely built in-house by their engineering staff in Richmond, Virginia. Fortune Auto insists on building bespoke suspension in order to offer the best quality control in the industry. At Fortune Auto, they approach the science of suspension with a mentality of customization that has raised the industry’s standards of performance. All fortune auto coilovers are made to order. Lead time during peak season (April - August) is 3-4 weeks on average.Read more...
Additional Features: • Steel Construction • Twin Tube internal construction • 16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound combined • Ride Height adjustable via spring seat • Pillow ball upper mounts for increased steering feel (some applications may include hardened rubber mounts instead of pillowball type) • Upper camber adjustment on front for strut type vehicles • Larger piston diameter for strut type front and rear (22mm) • Powder coated damper body with Zinc coated threaded section • 1-year Manufacturers Defect WarrantyRead more...
The most popular spring in H&R's line-up, Sport Springs will provide a lower center of gravity, improved handling and a more aggressive appearance. There is a loss of ride comfort with these, however most people still find them comfortable enough for use on daily driven street cars. On applications where the vehicle is lowered more than 1", we recommend a shock that is shorter than stock that is designed to be used with lowering springs, such as the Bilstien Sport shocks.Read more...
Tanabe Sustec Pro FIVE coilover for Acura RSX Type-S DC5 02-06. Tanabe's Sustec Pro FIVE suspension delivers broad performance from the track to the streets. It features 12-way (16-way with the TEAS unit) front and rear adjustment for dampening and rebound along with ride height adjustment. The Sustec FIVE coilover utilizes sliding valve technology to allow a great range of adjustment for street and track use. With the TEAS unit, the wide range of adjustment is accessible through the touch of a button in-cabin and is fully programmable to adjust the dampening and rebound rate according to the vehicle speed.Read more...
, Competitor's product must be an exact match (same Manufacturer and product),, Competitor's product must be New, not refurbished, reconditioned or a display model.,, Competitor's product cannot be a clearance or close out item.,, Item must be in stock at the competitor's shipping location.,, Competitor must be in the U.S. selling in U.S. dollars.,, Competitor must be an established business with a physical storefront or warehouse.,, Price Match offer is valid at the time you place your order.,, We reserve the right to only match competitor's prices that can be found on the first page of search engine results.,, We reserve the right not to honor this offer,Read more...
The new and improved Function & Form Type II coilovers for the 2002-2006 Acura RSX feature a fully threaded shock body and 32 levels of dampening adjustments. Through extensive research and development, Function & Form has enhanced an already largely successful product. While the previous design was very popular, the new Type II coil-over has added features that serious car enthusiasts will find to be irreplaceable. Features: - one year warranty - 32 levels of dampening adjustments - dampening adjustments made with a knob that clicks at each level setting - steel construction of the lower mounts for maximum strength - adjustable camber plates (application dependent) - adjustable pillow ball mounts (application dependent) - adjustable ride height from bottom mount allows driver to retain full shock travel while lowering the car - special oil lubrication able to withstand weather conditions from -40C to 200C - dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort - wireless dampening adjuster (Wi-damp) available for most applications - 50 mm McPherson strut piston - 43 mm Double wishbone piston This item usually ships out in 1-2 business days from the original purchase date.Read more...
Good evening ziners. To those of you that have the Function Form Coilover kit (HT Spec V2) have you guys had anything go wrong with them? My coilovers are only a few months old and the rear passenger side is making a awful sound whenever I drive over bumps or uneven tarmac better yet anytime theirs the small bump in the road I hear it. I took it to the speedshop that installed them they told me it wasnt the coilver it was the seatbelt. I took it to my trusted mechanic at meineke where he removed the whole coilover (I wasnt there I had gotten called into work). But he called me and told me the whole strut was badRead more...
Introducing the Godspeed Project Mono-RS coil over line. The Mono-RS series released in 2013, is considered to be the coilover for those who are looking for a high performance suspension system, set to perform exceptionally well in track use and also provide the comfort that a coil over should provide when driving on the street and highway. Having 32 levels of dampening adjustability, it allows you to fine tune the suspension to your liking whether you are on a track or on the way to work. All Mono-RS coilovers come with a Mono-Tube shock that houses gas and oil in separate chambers allowing consistence shock performance regardless of the abuse the shock is given. The top hats of the Mono-RS series come with a KOYO Japan built 6204Z bearing providing the longevity and performance of a higher end coilover system at a more affordable low price. Features: - Front camber plates (for camber adjustment) - Spring Rates, 8 kg Front/ 10kg Rear - 32 Levels of Dampening - Mono-Tube Shock Design - Power Coated Damper Body - Ride height and spring preload are completely separate (Ride height can be changed without touching spring preload) - Pillow Ball Mount with a spherical bearing - Koyo Japan 6204z bearing - Poly Urethane bushings (When Applicable) - 53mm Monotube Shock - One Year Warranty from date of purchaseRead more...
The Street Flex damper is the evolution of our popular Type Flex coilover. Developed to provide the ultimate balance of comfort and performance for both street driving and circuit use, along with wide-range damping force adjustment using our new Advance Needle technology and new damper valving specs, giving the driver a much more noticeable feel in damping force change and controllability. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Full-length adjustability offers separate spring preload and ride height adjustment. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life. Includes Pillowball Upper Mounts (camber adjustable for strut type applications) and is compatible with the EDFC and EDFC Active systems.Read more...
Welcome to Circuit Motorsports, a leader in high-quality aftermarket performance parts, exceptional service, and comprehensive tuning. Specializing in performance upgrades we can make your daily driver superior, build you a street driven monster, or assemble a track-ready land missile. We have a full service performance and repair shop located in Orlando, FL which is capable of installing any performance upgrade we sell, regular maintenance and repair, full chassis and engine builds and custom ECU tuning. Explore what we can do for you by checking out our Online Store or clicking the links below!Read more...
Megan Racing Coil-Over Dampers are the ultimate upgrade to your track or street car. Featuring 32 levels of damper force adjustment, separate spring perch height and shock length adjustment allowing you to retain full suspension stroke and to fine tune your suspension characteristics. These damper kits are then perfectly matched with front and rear Pillow Ball upper mounts, including camber plates integrated with the upper Pillow Ball mounts on strut-type suspension applications.Read more...

Acura RSX

2006 Acura RSX Exterior Front Left Side View

Acura RSX Specifications

  Acura RSX
Year 2001 - 2006
Body Coupe
Engine Type in-line-4
Power 157 PS - 226 PS
Power 5600 RPM - 7800 RPM
Torque 188 NM - 194 NM
Torque 4000 RPM - 7000 RPM
Fuel Gasoline
  • Front
Transmission type Automatic, Manual
Seats 4
Doors 2
Estimated MPG City 8.7 - 10.2 city
HWY 6.9 - 7.6 hwy
Mixed 7.8 - 9.1 mixed
  • 2.0
  • Automatic
  • Modified
  • Type S
Suspension - Acura RSX 02-06
Model: Acura RSX

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