Acura Rl Battery Drain

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My 2003 Honda Element has always had a slow drain on the battery. I checked the overhead interior light and the relay to it. I made a fuss with the dealer to check it and they said they had a known problem with the speaker amplifier being hooked up to the main power system, not keyed on ignition, and it would drain the battery down. They wanted to replace the factory speaker amp for $500. After much hassle they suggested rewiring the factory speaker amp to the ignition hot lead instead of the one that's always on. Now the car starts up right away and no more battery drain. I wonder if the dealers are ripping a lot of people off on this problem which the factory could have easily solved by wiring things differently to begin with. Hope this helps others that might be wondering why they're battery is draining a lot faster than normal. AlohaJimRead more...

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