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There is a special tool to hold the crank from turning and a socket that goes inside to remove the bolt. You dont nee the tool, use a screw driver and slide it thru the rotor so that it catches on the caliper to help keep the motor from turning (if you have that problem while trying to remove the bolt) All you should need is a socket that fits (cant remember size 19mm???) a breaker bar, a extension and a long pipe for leverageRead more...
I need to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt so that I can get the crankshaft pulley and timing belt covers off a 1984 accord at a local junkyard. I have a long breaker bar and I can't get the motor to stop turning. The car is an auto or I guess I could just put it in 1 gear? is there anyway I can freeze the motor so I can get this bolt off?? Can i drop some rope into the sprak plug holes to freeze it? Also do they make a strap type wrench that would hold the crankshaft pulley from turning and if so where can I get it. I have to put all these parts on my car at my house which is a 1984 accord auto as well so I have no idea how I can torque the crankshaft pulley bolt to 83 foot pounds. I have no access or money for a cordless impact wrench so that is not a option. Thanks for any helpRead more...
The Honda Crank Pulley tool is a specialty tool that holds Honda and Acura crank pulleys stationary while loosening or tightening the crank pulley bolt. It is the same design, size & weight as the Snap On Blue Point crank pulley tool at about half the price! The crank pulley is also known as a crankshaft pulley, crankcase pulley, damper, dampener or harmonic balancer, after market crank pulleys designed to increase engine power are called underdrive pulleys. If you are trying to loosen the crank pulley bolt see DenLors Tools "how to" tips article including a short video of the specialty tool in use. The Honda crank pulley tool is used for removing and properly torquing the crank pulley bolt, seeRead more...
Best Answer: The bolt is a normal thread, counter clockwise to loosen. This is the tightest bolt on the whole car. I am a mechanic and replaced one about a month ago on a 1991 for my daughter at her house. My 1/2 inch drive air impact would not loosen it but the compressor I was using was a standard 120 p.s.i., I ended up renting a very powerful electric 3/4 in drive impact and used a reducer to a 1/2 socket before I got it off. You maybe able to use a 1/2 in. drive impact but make sure you have a very powerful air compressor (more that 120 p.s.i.). NOTE! Make sure when you re-install the bolt to use lock-tight on the threads or it will work itself loose over time. When it was manufactured, Honda used a lock tight on this bolt to keep it from loosening during normal operation.Read more...
A harmonic balancer (also called crank pulley damper, crankshaft damper, torsional damper, or vibration damper ) is a device connected to the crankshaft of an engine to reduce torsional vibration and serves as a pulley for drive belts, a device fitted to the free (accessory drive) end of the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine. It is essential in engines with long crankshafts  and is present on most engines as it reduces torsional vibrations that tend to peak at certain speeds. Torsional vibrations can greatly reduce crankshaft life, if not cause instantaneous failure, if the crankshaft runs at or through resonance. Because of this, dampers are designed with a specific weight and diameter to reduce mechanical Q factor, or damp, crankshaft resonances. Factory dampers are often re-sized in the same basic engine with any factory modification of crankshaft material, thickness, weight, or throwRead more...
Image for representation purposes only. Item may vary from picture.Under drive pulley systems increase engine horsepower by reducing the amount of power required to drive external accessories. For example, the alternator, power steering, water pump and air conditioner all rob horsepower from the engine. By replacing factory-sized crank and accessory drive pulleys with a resized pulley, the accessories are slowed, resulting in more horsepower available to drive the rear wheels. Fits Acura Legend 3.2 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995.Read more...
While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Please verify any information in question with a sales representative. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Please verify any information in question with a sales representative.Read more...
Comquestion-Nissan-Frontier-directional-signal-relay-removal-53258. Aspx. Http: answers Edmunds. Comquestion-I-have-a-2003-Acura-MDX-and-after-I Idler-pulley-came-apart-Now-installing-new-one-Can-t-turn-crank-45249. Aspx Apr 15, 2013 29. The fuel Tool Pacfic 35. Vest Speargun. Electronic hook. Sterring, gp1200 Pulley. Wax Trx450r. Trx400 Repair. Anchors. Acura ILX, Acura Integra, Acura Legend, Acura MDX, Acura NSX, Acura RDX, Acura RL, Cowl, Cowl Vent Panel, Crank Pulley Harmonic Balancer, Crankshaft, Cruise ControlRead more...
Trying to do my timing belt, pulley bolt wont come off. Find someone who has the Morosso crank tool and a breaker bar. The one I got is apparently made by KD Tools: it says Honda Acura Crankshaft Holding Tool on the Jan 30, 2012. Need tool for crankshaft pulley 1996 acura tl 2. 5l thank you want to. I am having trouble removing the crankshaft pulley are there any hints Aug 26, 2013. This hex-shaped tool see Photo 3 fits inside the crank pulley with an opening that provides access to the crank bolt. With the breaker bar or Need advice for removing the crankshaft pulley bolt Honda. Get an impact. CTA Tools A812 HondaAcura Harmonic Balancer Pulley Tool. Honda-TechRead more...
Hey guys i just noticed today that my crankshaft pulley wobbles when idling. However the pulley stops wobbling when the engine is revved. First question, the harmonic balancer and crankshaft pulley are the same thing right? Also would this mean i have a bent crankshaft? While the idea of getting a new engine with less miles is lovely, i do not have the money. I hope this is just an easy cheep fix.Read more...
Easy loosening of stubborn screws on the water-pump pulley. Technical Data:. The tool set KL-0284-82 K is designed to twist the crankshaft, for example, to. Used for the removal andor extraction of the water pump sprocket and the water pump. Honda Civic, Accord, Prelude, Integra Shuttle 1. 6, 2. 0, 2. 2, 2. 3 2. 4 Engine Crankshaft Pulley for a 1995 Honda Civic del Sol. This part fits the D15B7 engine with the chasis code EG1. Position Outer. Febest HDS-D15B Then went on and removed Crank Pully 10ft breaker bar. Sport Utility and Crossover Vehicles in America 2013 Honda Civic Commercial Quotes AutoGuide Com. By Gasoline Fumes in forum 1995-1998 Odyssey Honda Civic Forum Honda. Second Generation Legend 1991-1995. Keywords: timing belt, crankshaft pulley, harmonic balancerRead more...
The other day I replaced my timing belt and water pump. As expected I had a lot of trouble getting the harmonic balancer bolt loose. I got frustrated and took a big channel lock pliers I have,clamped it to the pulley where the power steering pump belt goes,sandwiched the handles of the channel locks between the lower control arm and a big block of wood on the ground,lowered the car so that the weight of the car was on the handles, and the harmonic balancer still slipped when I turned the bolt! So I looked at what I was working with a came up with a idea:Read more...
I am trying to figure out this puzzle but had very little success so far, if anyone knows, please share: - It seems that all the ls400 models share the same harmonic balancer, p/n 13407-50020 even if they look different. - Now, it also seems that all Lexus/Toyota cars (GS, SC etc) with 1UZ-FE engine share the same harmonic balancer, even if the part number is different. - To make it even more interesting, it seems that 2UZ-FE including the non-VVTI-i LX470 uses the same harmonic balancer, again with a different part number. Or maybe not? Is there anyone who can confirm this, in which case I can just buy whichever harmonic balancer I find for my gen1 LS400, and put that on, or perhaps I should stick to the original part13407-50020? Anyone tried using a 2UZ-FE harmonic balancer on 1UZ-FE engine? I am thinking that if anything, they should be backwards compatible as all newer engines had more power, so the balancer would have to be more resistant to vibration... making it just fine for my first gen. LS400. I could not find much about it on this or any other forum (with an exception of one other fellow who seemed to have gotten into the same dilemma but never cared to post a follow-up).Read more...
heh...we've all been there, man. Yes, that bolt is normal thread, counterclockwise loosens it. The engine turns the opposite direction as the bolt removal direction to gaurantee that it won't back out. Consequently, it's ridiculously tight. Squirt some penetrating oil into the bolt. Then, you're going to need at least a 2-foot, 1/2-inch-drive breaker bar and a 6-point, 17mm socket. With the car on the ground, hand brake set, and transmission in 3rd or 4th gear, get the breaker bar on the bolt, put a big cheater bar (piece of pipe) over the breaker bar, and pull with all your strength. That should crack it loose. Put the bolt back in the same way, just give it a good twist with the breaker. Then find a shop, pay em 5 bucks to put your car on a lift and hit that bolt with an impact gun to make sure it's good and snug.Read more...
One of our customers recently purchased a 1992 Legend with well over 225,000 miles on the odometer. With oil and transmission leaks everywhere the challenge was to make the vehicle run better and stop leaking fluids. This is the course of action we took. The vehicle ran fairly well but seemed to be leaking from everywhere there was a seal. Timing belt, water pump, belt tensioner, crank shaft pulley and vehicle speed sensor all needed changing. The Legend was equipped with the 3.2 liter V-6 engine and the MPYA 4-speed automatic (transaxle). The drive train was so tightly configured that in order to gain access removal of both the engine and transmission were necessary. The engine and transmission were removed from the vehicle as one unit. They were separated  and the oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze were drained. The valve covers were removed. Then the front accessory belts, water pump, belt tensioner and crankshaft pulley. The cleaning process had begun. The trick in a repair was and is trying to not exceeding the customer s budget. This could happen with an older vehicle. Driven by the idea that driving a paid for vehicle versus having car payments was better motivated this type of repair. The valve cover gaskets,cam and crankshaft seals were changed. All of the removed parts were replaced with new OEM or aftermarket parts with an equal to or higher quality.Read more...
Drain the radiator coolant. Turn crankshaft so No. 1 piston is at TDC. Disable coded theft protection system as described under Accessories and Optional Equipment / Antitheft and Alarm Systems / Service and Repair. Disarm airbag system as described under Air Bags and Seat Belts / Air Bags (Supplemental Restraint Systems) / Airbag System Disarming. Remove engine electrical harness. Remove breather pipe. Remove vacuum pipe bracket. Remove alternator, A/C and power steering belts. Remove upper timing belt covers, Fig. 64. Remove crankshaft pulley. Remove A/C adjusting pulley. Remove dipstick pipe. Loosen timing belt adjusting bolt 180°to release belt tension. Push tensioner to release tension, then remove belt from the pulleys. Remove two mounting bolts from the thermostat case. Remove special bolts, then remove the water pump. CAUTION: Do not turn crankshaft or camshaft pulleys when the timing belt is off to prevent damage to the engine.Read more...
97 1. 6L, 16V To remove the crank pulley. Am I assuming correctly that the Radiator needs to be removed 1989 gmc s15 mud buggy. The stock subaru crank pulley is not a harmonic dampener so the lightweight solid one-piece units are safe to use-Chuck. USDM 03 Honda Accord Sedan LX-Mrs Huffer; USDM 98 GT Wagon I am looking for a Honda Ballade Luxline 1994 White front bumper in the. Model 10PA15-this unit fits a variety of vehicles, eg: Kia Sportage 1995-2001 Porche 911 1989-1998 Corolla 1988-1992. Honda accord complete sunroof bargain. Sprocket bottom R100 Alternators R200 each Crankshaft pulley R150 Wa I need to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt and im planning on doing it with breaker bars. I know its torqued 181lbft, 218k km, but im sure Lightweight Crank Pulley For Honda B16 B18 Engine For CivicAccord Blue. Year: 1989-2002; Item Type: Crank Mechanism; Brand Name: Arospeed; Car Crankshaft Pulley from AutoZone. 1989 Toyota Cressida 3. 0L FI 6cyl; 2003 Honda Truck Odyssey 3. 5L MFI SOHC 6cyl. 1998 Honda Accord DX 2. 3L MFI 4cyl; 2005 Honda Civic EX 1. 7L MFI SOHC 4cyl. SpectreCrankshaft pulley bolt 132 items. Visit eBay for great deals on a huge selection honda civic crank pulley. Honda AccordCivicS2000CRV Crank Shaft Pulley Holder. OEM FACTORY 88 89 1989 90 91 1991 HONDA CIVIC HARMONIC BALANCER CRANKRead more...
96 LS So about a week ago I was coming home from picking up my brother from his job which wasn't too far from my house. But as we got home I started hearing this noise and quickly parked the car and decided to check it out the next day since it was way to dark to see and I live in an no garage unfortunately. Well the next day when I got to look at it the lower pulley (Don't know the name) was wobbly and the belt had fallin off the track which was causing the noise. The mechanic came and picked it up and now it's been about a week since the mechanic has had it and they were telling me I need a whole new engine because when they would accelerate the car at 30-40mph the pulley would just fly off. Now I won't be able to check it out til tomorrow so I can see for myself what happened, but if any of you guys have any feedback on this, please help me out if you can... I'm ready for the worse haha.Read more...
Should read 1988 I am trying to smog this car but keep getting the engine light coming on. Its a Code 8 (blinking light 8 times). Haynes book says its the TDC Sensor (crank angle). That's in the distributor?? It happens only at low rpm, around 850 or less when idling at a stop or slow rpm speeds. Can I set the idle higher? I look at the adjustment and says about the Computer yellow light range etc. I suspect the idle is computer controlled so if I try to adjust it up by the throttle body adjustment screw, I won't get anything because the computer will adjust it anyway. Is that right? It adjust the air mix? Can I set a tension or a spacer on the throttle cable from underneath the dash at the gas pedal itself to keep the idle up or at the cable under the hood at the throttlebody? Engine light comes on only at low idle, 850 rpm or less. At 1000 rpm, no problem. I'm wondering if the Ca smog requires low idle? And to repair the code 8, does it mean replace the distributor?Read more...
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take side timing cover by taking valve cover off then side cover off then u got to take hermonaca balencer bolt out then the key pin behind the bolt then the balencer then bot … tom cover then take old belt out then u have to take driver side top motor mont off Jake engine up alittle slide belt over motor mont then loosen then idel tensenor /line bottom mark up the 2 cams up put belt on tighting tensener up and try to start but first bolt motor mont back up oh if u cant get hermonaca balacer bolt off u got to take starter out and hold fly weel with a crow bar to losen boltRead more...
1. Application : honda / acura accord 2.2l 4 cyl 90-97;2.7l 6 cyl 96;2.3l 4 cyl 98-02;2.4l 4 cyl 03-newer;3.0l v6 98-newer civic 1.6l 4 cyl 92-00;1.7l 4 cyl 01-newer;2.0l 4 cyl 03-newer prelude 2.2l 4 cyl 92-01;2.3l 4 cyl 92-96 s2000 2.0l 4 cyl 00-03;2.2l 4 cyl 04-newer cl 2.2l 4 cyl 97;2.3l 4 cyl 98-99;3.0l 4 cyl 98-newer rl 3.5l v6 96-newer legend 3.2l v6 96-newer odysel 2.2l 4 cyl 95-97;2.3l 4 cyl 98;3.5l v6 99-newer cr-v 2.0l 4 cyl 97-01;2.4l 4 cyl 02-newer pilot 3.5l v6 03-newer element 2.4l 4 cyl 03-newer ridgeline 3.5l v6 06-newer insight 1.0l 3 cyl - all delsol 4 cyl 93-97 integra 1.6l 4 cyl 90-92;1.7l 4cyl 92-93;1.8l 4cyl 93-01 tl 3.2l v6 95-newer nsx 3.0l v6 91-newer does not fit all engine;3.2l v6 98-newerRead more...
2. Transcribe the brand on a sticker and tag every Element located near the upper chop of the engine. Unlatch, remove or slip off the belts, mounting bolts, assemblies and other upper engine automobile components: engine covers, intake air duct, cruise direction cable, accelerator, finery propel belts, Glimmer plugs, force steering pump and distributor. Operate a wrench to remove the bolts and a socket to holding off lugs.Read more...
Description of Product:. auto parts warehouse has extensive oes genuine crankshaft pulley catalogs.we are now offering free shipping on all oes genuine crankshaft pulley orders over $50.00. our secure oes genuine crankshaft pulley catalog is available every hour of everyday. shop with confidence for all your oes genuine crankshaft pulley needs. oes genuine crankshaft pulley are in stock and available today. save upto 60% off dealer price on your next oes genuine crankshaft pulley purchase. our online catalog contains a wide selection of the oem and aftermarket parts you need at unbeatable pricesRead more...
You can see we've got our scope set to display from -10V to +10V on a 250-msec time-base. On this scope, that means the total left-to-right waveform is displaying 250-msec. Most automotive DSOs divide the screen into eight equal vertical segments and express the time-base in terms of "Time per Division." If it's set to 25-msec/div, then an eight segment display will take 200-msec to complete. Keep that in mind when setting the time-base on your scope.Read more...

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Year 1986 - 1995
Body Coupe, Sedan
Engine Type V-6
CC 2.5L - 3.2L
Power 155 PS - 203 PS
Power 5500 RPM
Torque 220 NM - 286 NM
Torque 4500 RPM
Fuel Gasoline
  • Front
Transmission type Automatic, Manual
Seats 5
Doors 2, 4
Estimated MPG City
  • Automatic
  • Coupe
  • Coupe Automatic
  • Sedan

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