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The Acura RSX is the North American version of the compact luxury car of Honda which is marketed as the Integra DC5 in Japan. The RSX was introduced in the US market in 2002, and was sold in its base and Type-S trim levels, both of which come equipped with K-series engines which can be significantly tuned later on. The K-series motor, is much-vaunted for its intelligent VTEC or i-VTEC under which valve lift, valve timing, and valve duration are adjusted electronically.Read more...

Acura RSX

2006 Acura RSX Exterior Front Left Side View

Acura RSX Specifications

  Acura RSX
Year 2001 - 2006
Body Coupe
Engine Type in-line-4
Power 157 PS - 226 PS
Power 5600 RPM - 7800 RPM
Torque 188 NM - 194 NM
Torque 4000 RPM - 7000 RPM
Fuel Gasoline
  • Front
Transmission type Automatic, Manual
Seats 4
Doors 2
Estimated MPG City 8.7 - 10.2 city
HWY 6.9 - 7.6 hwy
Mixed 7.8 - 9.1 mixed
  • 2.0
  • Automatic
  • Modified
  • Type S
2006 Acura RSX for sale in Federal Way, WA
Year: 2006
Model: Acura RSX
Acura RSX 150
Model: Acura RSX

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