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in 2005 was a bit like trying to text on a Motorola StarTAC. Yes, that was the best mobile phone of the 1990s, but it was hardly the best tool for the job. And yes, Acura had updated the NSX over its life, but by 2005 this aluminum supercar was past its sell-by date. Its V-6 still sounded as good as it did when it arrived in 1990; it was just that the 290-hp NSX couldn’t compete in a streetscape filled withRead more...
"Fun to drive and own! I've owned this Acura for several years and I get nothing but complements! Driving around town, I could be citied with a ticket for causing unnecessary accidents and neck injuries from drivers in the opposite lanes doing a "double take" look at this NSX! "Is it a Ferrari?", one bystander asked. "It's that new sportscar from Acura! Wow!", a military soldier telling another colleague. No TPMS, no BSM, no back up sensors or Eco mode and no beverage holders in this sportscar. Justs sweet looking and drive ride that growls when you accelerate and when the VTec kicks in. It handles like a true sportscar! The car is so balanced under acceleration/braking and entering into and out of turns...probably due to the after market coilovers. Ground clearance is not an issue due to the design...everything is tucked up and out of the way. Tire clearance? I'm running 18x9.5 on 215/35r 18 in the front and 19x11.5 on 275/30r 19 on the rear...and still have room to go wider, but I would caution that. One of my female clients saw me in the NSX and said the car looks sexy! I once parked my Acura next to a brand new red 2014 corvette and boy, did people flock to the NSX. The NSX has this nostalgic look that just doesn't seem to look outdated...especially being 1991 model. Aloha and Mahalo!!!"Read more...
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Honda s intendion when creating the NSX is to produce a hand-built, exotic, mid-engine sports car that would establish entirely new levels of prestige, performance, refinement, drivability, and reliability. The aluminum monocoque bodied NSX (a world's first for a production vehicle at the time) defined a new interpretation of the exotic sports car through state-of-the-art, lightweight technology. On its first year on the market the NSX was priced at $62,000.Read more...
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The two-door 2005 Acura NSX sports car is Acura's most expensive model, but a lack of updates leaves it without the kind of modern amenities you would expect for a car in this price range. Standard features include 17-inch wheels, a removable aluminum roof panel, HID headlights, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, a 165-watt Bose stereo with a CD changer and leather seating. The NSX's cabin is comfortable and refined, and one might even call its styling '80s retro, though we don't think that has anything to do with Acura trying to be hip. All controls are logically placed, the seating position is nothing short of perfect, the targa top is easily stored and visibility is certainly acceptable for a midengine sports car. Optional high-impact interior colors like Vivid Blue and Targa Silver are available to capture the flavor of many aftermarket kits.Read more...
In 1989, a new type of supercar was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show: the Acura NSX. Designed and built by Honda and distributed as an Acura in the North American market, the first generation NSX was engineered to compete with the Italian supercars. With production beginning in 1990 and a price starting at $60,000, the Acura NSX was built as a formidable and affordable performance machine until its temporary discontinuation in 2004. Featuring an all aluminum monocoque and body, the first generation NSX was as much a performance car as it was a feat of engineering. Designed with a cabin-forward, rear engine design, the NSX took its inspiration from the F-16 fighter jet and other cutting edge examples of technology. With even weight distribution, excellent ergonomics and visibility, a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds, and a top speed of 168-175 mph depending on production year, the NSX became immediately popular with enthusiasts.Read more...
In Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 film Pulp Fiction, the character Winston “The Wolf” Wolfe, played by Harvey Keitel, famously (albeit fictionally) drove across Los Angeles in 9 minutes and 37 seconds. How did he achieve such a feat? His car in the film was an Acura NSX, which the Honda subsidiary produced from model years 1991 to 2005. The car’s reputation in Hollywood helped prove that Acura was onto something good, and yet the company chose to cease production of the NSX. In 2015, following a 10-year hiatus, Acura plans to relaunch the NSX as a hybrid-powered supercar.Read more...
The second generation Acura NSX-T was introduced in 2001, being designed as a high-performance sports car. It featuring the same removable roof panel as the previous NSX-T model and a lightweight aluminum bodywork. New safety features included four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, a traction control system and dual airbags. The 2001 NSX-T was fitted with either a 3.2L 290-hp V-6 unit chained to a 6-speed manual transmission or a 3.0L 252-hp V-6 engine available with a 4-speed automatic gearbox.Read more...
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The 2005 Acura NSX-T is a 2-door, 2-seat Coupe, available in 2 trims, ranging from the 3.2L (M6) to the 3.0L (A4). Upon introduction, the $89,000 3.2L (M6) is equipped with a standard 3.2L, 6-cylinder, engine that achieves 17-mpg in the city and 24-mpg on the highway. a Manual transmission is standard. The $89,000 3.0L (A4) is equipped with a standard 3.0L, 6-cylinder, engine that achieves 17-mpg in the city and 24-mpg on the highway. an Automatic transmission is standard.Read more...
Honda mashed up these two formulas in the creation of the NSX, dropping a modified version of the C30A 2,977-cc V6 into the car's mid-section. Offering up 270-bhp - matching that of the 328 - the VTEC mill was able to push the car to sixty in under 6 seconds and without much fuss. Helping that effort was the car's light weight- 2,978 lbs - which was the result of its aluminum-intensive design. In fact, the NSX is the first production car to offer an all-aluminum unit-body, suspension, and engine.Read more...
The Ferrari, as Soichiro Would've Done It. It's a tired automotive cliche at this point, but the NSX was one of those rare automobiles that turned a segment of the market on it's head when it arrived.  Sure, it's a narrow segment - race-bred sports cars for the street, with pricetags to match - but it was a storied segment with nearly impossible market penetration.  Buyers in this market were very loyal; they weren't going to replace their 328 GTS with a 911 Turbo.  They'd get a 348.  Then probably a 355.Read more...
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Some Acura NSXs may have many performance parts available (sometimes dependent on the trim level). Out of the pool of available performance parts, we have narrowed down to the best parts available. The basic idea of performance parts is to optimize your Acura NSX's chassis and engine to operate at its fullest potential. In regards to engine performance, the parts you can get for your engine range from something basic like a cold air intake to a more complex system such as a turbo kit or super charger kit.Read more...
History/Description of the used Acura NSX: The NSX wasn't a car anyone bought to have the fastest supercar on the block. It was a car bought because it was cool-looking as all hell, and it had a gorgeous V6 bolted to the middle, and looked like a Ferrari, and handled like a fighter jet. Ferraris from this era are still priced like real estate, but you can get an NSX on the affordable side of the spectrum. And, when you do, the local Honda Civic tuner crowd will be super-envious of your VTEC. NSX models came one way: as a two-seater with a mid-mounted VTEC V6 driving the rear wheels. The NSX was a hard-topped coupe, while the NSX-T had a removable targa top. Early models got a 3.0L V6 making 252 horsepower with the automatic transmission and 270 with the 5-speed manual. From 1997, a 3.2L V6 landed under the hood, bumping power to 290 horses. It was joined by a new 6-speed manual transmission. The Used Acura NSX Test Drive: As with any used performance car ride, a few checks should be considered mandatory during your shopping and test-drive process.Read more...
As with any used performance car, check the consumable parts. Tires, brake pads, brake rotors and the clutch on a used NSX should all be presumed to be in need of replacement until the shopper and / or his mechanic confirm otherwise. As a performance car, replacing consumable parts won’t be inexpensive – so be sure the seller isn’t trying to pass a replacement bill onto you. Coax slippage from a worn clutch by applying full throttle from a low speed in a high gear, confirm tires have plenty of remaining tread life, and ask a mechanic for help checking out the brakes if you’re not sure how.Read more...
I emailed the dealer (under another name) and asked of there was any prior damage to body or frame. Here is the response: "Good Afternoon, This 2005 Acura NSX to our knowledge has not had any of the damage listed in your message. We do believe it has had the front bumper repainted. If you have any questions about this vehicle please feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks, Lee Geller Southeast Auto Group Phone: (704) 799-7774 Toll Free: 1-(866) 632-6207 Fax: (704) 660-3196 Email:Read more...
I was 25 years old when the Acura NSX went out of production. With its introduction to the U.S. market in 1991, I had been alive for its entire production run, and I never got to drive one much less sit in one. I d seen them from time to time, and my close friends father owned one for a brief period. Still, I was never fortunate enough to earn any private time with what I assumed to be an amazing machine.Read more...
Acura is the luxury arm of Honda Motor Co. in North America. Technically a marketing creation; the Acura brand is sold only in North America. When Acura first appeared on the scene in 1986 it was a two-car show: the Legend sedan, and the Integra sport coupe and sedan. Today Acura s overall commitment to value and performance has made it one of the best-selling luxury import nameplates in the United States.Read more...
, Direct fit for the 1990-2005 Acura NSX,, Full aluminum construction including durable, TIG-welded end tanks,, Features a two-row, 1.65" thick, efficient brazed aluminum core,, Increased fluid capacity and optimal heat dissipation,, Perfect for use on the street, strip, or track,, Ideal replacement for an aging and/or clogged stock radiator,, Efficient temperature regulation for both stock and forced induction vehicles,, Includes Magnetic Drain Plug to capture any metallic debris/fragments in your cooling system,, Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty,Read more...
Though it s not the only supercar to be unmasked before crowds at the Detroit Auto Show this year, it might just be among the most heavily anticipated. The original NSX has become somewhat of a legend in its own right, gaining a cult following, as there are a relatively small number of them that made it into consumer s hands. As Acura prepares to enter a new phase in its business operations, Acura division senior vice president and general manager Mike Accavitti says, why not let a storied name with a fresh face-lift lead the charge?Read more...
At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Acura Nsx body kits so that you have all the options you want. In fact, we carry more body kits than any other company on Earth! We have more than 40 brands of ground effects (including our own line of body kits that we manufacture in house), and we carry body kits for more than 200 different vehicles! Our store is full of car body kits and truck body kits, so take a look at our fantastic selection. Whether you are looking for a top-of-the-line Acura Nsx body kit, a cheap Acura Nsx body kit, or some mild-looking but clean Acura Nsx ground effects, we've got great choices for you. Andy's Auto Sport is the ultimate shopping destination for your Acura Nsx body kit needs!Read more...
Discontinued in 2005, the original mid-engine NSX debuted in 1992 and marked Acura as a performance leader among luxury brands. Yet since the NSX ended production in 2005, Acura's reputation for fun luxury has slipped along with its sales. With the NSX, Acura signals the brand's performance chops are back with a vengeance. To that end, the supercar also resurrects Acura's original 1987 brand tag line, "Precision Crafted Performance," for all Acura modelsRead more...
, New model; first all-aluminum production car; first variable valve timing and lift in production car; first use of titanium connecting rods in production car,, 1992: Grand Prix White exterior color available,, 1993: passenger side airbag and seat belt tensioners standard equipment,, 1994: larger wheels and tires standard,, 1995: NSX-T with removable roof panel introduced; electric power steering standard; electronic throttle control standard; torque reactive differential standard; automatic models receive SportShift manual shift control,, 1996: no changes,, 1997: new 3.2-liter DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine produces 290 hp and 224 lbs-ft torque with 6-speed manual transmission (automatic-equipped models retain 3.0-liter combination); larger brakes with retuned anti-lock control; retuned electric power steering; dual mass flywheel; reshaped front spoiler; new wheels,, 1998: no changes,, 1999: Alex Zanardi Edition features exclusive wheels and tires, shift knob, numbered plaque, weight reduction, retuned suspension and titanium-finished center console and door trim,, 2000: perforated leather upholstery standard,, 2001: no changes,, 2002: all NSX models feature removable roof panel, NSX-T name dropped; pop-up headlights replaced with fixed-position HID; lower air dam; redesigned taillights, air diffuser, exhaust tips, trunk lip spoiler; new Acura badging; smoother side sills; revised suspension; larger wheels and tires,, 2003: no changes,, 2004: redesigned meter panel surround; new shift knob; standard keyless entry system; standard trunk-mounted 6-disc CD changer,, 2005: no changes; final model year for NSX,Read more...
Select one of the 2005 Acura NSX models below to get details on specs, performance, recalls, as well as do side-by-side NSX model comparisons. Research pre-owned 2005 NSX trade in value, retail value, cost of ownership, safety ratings, standard features, options, fuel economy ratings of 16 City / 22 Highway MPG. See detail pricing for each 2005 model. Click on the NSX links below to find the right vehicle for you!Read more...
It's hard to believe, but the NSX has been around for 15 years now. Well, that alone isn't hard to believe -- after all, Porsche's 911 has been around for more than four decades. But when you consider that the NSX has made it through those 15 years without a major update or redesign, and that the Civic has been redone three times in the same period, it is a bit of an eye-opener. Except for a horsepower increase and upgrading from a five-speed to a six-speed transmission in 1997, and some styling changes in 2002, the 2005 Acura NSX is essentially the same as the one offered to exotic-car buyers back when the first Bush was president. As such, newer rivals outclass it in horsepower (a Dodge Viper makes 210 hp more), and it lacks typical luxury features like a stability control system or a navigation system. Even the cabin has a dated '80s look. So, is this a bad thing? Er, well, yes. But this is still an exotic that turns heads everywhere it goes. All-aluminum unibody construction and lightweight aluminum suspension components give the car a nimble feel, despite its large dimensions, and the electrically assisted power steering provides sublime feedback. In terms of handling, the 2005 Acura NSX can run with just about anything. And don't forget that the NSX is part of the Acura (Honda) family, which means it will spend most of its time in your garage instead of the dealer's repair bay. But overall, we don't see much of a reason to purchase a new NSX. For the same money, there are simply better choices, from the Chevrolet Corvette to the Porsche 911. And really, if you desire an NSX, buying a '97-up car will satisfy just as much and save you thousands in the process.Read more...
Year: 2005 Make: Acura Model: NSX Mileage (numbers only please): 35500 Options (Please check ALL which apply): Airbags, Air Conditioning, Alarm System, Antilock Brakes, Cruise Control, Intermittent Wipers, Leather Seats, Power Brakes, Power Door Locks, Power Steering Color: Long Beach Blue Pearl Price (no $ sign please): $45000 Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing Location (Region): Midwestern Body Style: Coupe Transmission Type: Manual - 6 speed 2 or 4 Wheel Drive?: 2 Wheel Drive Engine Type: Fuel Injection Stereo System: AM-FM CDRead more...
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Acura NSX

2005 Acura NSX Exterior Front Left Side View

Acura NSX Specifications

  Acura NSX
Year 1991 - 2015
Body Coupe, Two Seaters
Engine Type V-6
CC 3L - 3.5L
Power 226 PS - 487 PS
Power 5600 RPM - 8250 RPM
Torque 284 NM - 542 NM
Torque 5300 RPM - 5500 RPM
Fuel Gasoline, Premium Unleaded (Required)
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Rear
Transmission type Automatic, Manual
Seats 1, 2
Doors 2
Estimated MPG City 13.8 - 14.0 city
HWY 9.8 - 10.0 hwy
Mixed 11.8 - 11.9 mixed
  • 2dr Coupe AWD (3.5L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid 7A)
  • 3.0
  • 3.2
  • Arta Autobacs Aguri
  • GT
  • Loctite Dome Project
  • Raybrig
  • T
  • T Twin Turbo Limited
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Acura NSX

2003 Acura NSX 2dr Coupe Shown windshield
Year: 2003
Model: Acura NSX
33-2713 ACURA NSX Air Filter
Model: Acura NSX

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