2010 Acura Rl Quality Issues

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If You Are In The Know, You Can Get This Car On-the-cheap...... — Just beware of one thing. Have the transmission / differential flushed and refilled when you buy one -- and have the transmission software upgraded to the 2010-2011 version -- but do not fear the 'growling' in the transmission -- that is the old software. If you know this, you can get these cars on-the-cheap, owners thinking the transmission is going out and willing to part with the car on-the-cheap. You can buy for $8,000 or less.Read more...
Good And Reliable Transportation, Interior Is Nice — Nicely equipped, decent price on what you get. Technology package a must to have, seats are very comfortable, quick to heat up and cool down. Good back up camera but lack of the back up sensors. AWD is great in snow or on slippery road, highly recommended. Very reliable. Low fuel economy, only 5-speed automanuel transmission, crampy trunk. Lack of heated wheel.Read more...
hi guys, i was convinced of buying the 2010 rdx initially until i test drove the q5 last weekend... essentially, here in canada, there's a price diff of $5-6k for the q5 configuration that i want vs. the 2010 rdx base pkg... upon further research, there are things i cannot "test drive" away so probably you guys can help me on... i am in the fence for both cars due to the following: a) reliability -- rdx seems to have less reliability issues -- tried and tested model the past few years... agree? [the reason i am concerned is bec i want to own the new car at least 5-8 yrs] b) fuel economy -- ive read posts that rdx fuel economy is very bad... some even 11mpg on city driving. the q5 is better in this regard. is the rdx that huge a gas guzzler? seems like it's even worst than the 2010 mdx? (if so, i might as well buy an mdx since it's priced almost the same as a q5 if i want acura reliability?) c) turbo lag -- ive read posts that on making left turns on green lights, people notice the lag -- some even said it is dangerous? [personally i didnt notice it, but just wanted to clarify, hence only point c in my consideration - eg. not a main issue] in essence, i dont think i can "test drive" away letters a) and b)... i like the rdx for its zippyness but am willing to pay up for the Q5 if reliability of q5 is close to RDX and if fuel economy is really that bad in the RDX... heck i might even opt for the mdx if fuel economy is that bad in the RDX... however, i dont really need the size of the mdx... any thoughts? i love the honda cars i had before (and i love the CRV but it was just too "weak" a car for me power wise, hence q5 vs rdx)... many thanks!Read more...
Up front, the 10-way power-adjustable front seats provide soft yet supportive seating. Headroom is good, and the controls are all easily within reach, if somewhat confusing to comprehend at first. ConsumerGuide says, "Most adults will find sufficient headroom and legroom," though they add, "Some shorter drivers may feel a bit 'buried,' but ample seat adjustments and a standard tilt and telescopic steering wheel help compensate." Kelley Blue Book isn't impressed with the RL's front seat arrangement: "We were less enamored by the driver seat's lack of lower support during long drives, [and] perforated leather upholstery that felt like it had been borrowed from a Honda." Edmunds, on the other hand, likes the wide door openings that make for convenient entry and exit and "for the driver, 10-way power-adjustable seats make finding just the right position easy."Read more...

Acura RL

2005 Acura RL Exterior Front Right Side View

Acura RL Specifications

  Acura RL
Year 1996 - 2012
Body Sedan
Engine Type V-6
CC 3.5L - 3.7L
Power 208 PS - 305 PS
Power 5200 RPM - 6300 RPM
Torque 271 NM - 367 NM
Torque 2800 RPM - 5000 RPM
Fuel Gasoline
  • 4WD
  • AWD
  • Front
Transmission type 6-speed shiftable automatic, Automatic
Seats 5
Doors 4
Estimated MPG City 13.1 - 14.9 city
HWY 9.1 - 10.8 hwy
Mixed 11.2 - 13.1 mixed
  • Sedan
  • Tech Package
  • Technology Package
2010 Acura RL Photos
Year: 2010
Model: Acura RL
2005 Acura RL, exterior
Year: 2005
Model: Acura RL

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